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This is the material that I cover in my introduction to epidemiology course.

You are welcome to use all of the material that is available on this page for educational purposes but please include an appropriate citation if you do so.

Lecture NumberTopicReading
1Introduction to epidemiology
2Measuring the occurrence of diseaseChapter 1
3Measuring morbidity and mortalityChapters 3 & 4
4Measures of association and effectChapter 12
5Measures of disease impactChapter 13
6From association to causationChapter 14
7Randomized trialsChapters 10 & 11
8Cohort studiesChapter 8
9Case-control studiesChapter 7 (p.157-177) & Chapter 9
10Diagnostic and screening studiesChapters 5 & 18
11Cross-sectional, surveillance, and ecological studiesChapter 7 (p.149-156)
12BiasChapter 15
13Interaction and effect modificationChapter 15
14Epidemiology and public healthChapter 19

I use the 6th Edition of the Gordis Epidemiology textbook in my course. However, there are lots of other great epidemiology textbooks out there. A few of my favourites are listed below: